Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love is Where You Plant It

Another wall hanging finish featuring a pattern from Shepherd's Bush -- Love is Where You Plant It.

I notice I really tend to get "into" patterns that have a lot of bright and cheery colors, and this one didn't disappoint. With the weather being so cold in Connecticut lately, it was nice to at least stitch something with a garden full of flowers. We've been promised some warmer weather this week, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

The piece measures approximately 4" x 8" and hangs on a small gold cord to coordinate with the fabric back.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lighthouse on the Beach

There are times when a nice frame is all you need. I had this frame sitting around for quite a while trying to find the perfect design that was small enough to stand on its own, but significant enough to not get swallowed up by all the detail in this rustic blue frame. I had always had it in my head that I would be using the frame for a beach or nautical theme, but it's hard to find designs that are small enough to fit in its window. I decided to use a section of one of Lizzie Kate's Flip-It patterns and I'm really happy with the result. 

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It's 5 o'Clock Somewhere Hanging Sign

Eek, it's been awhile since my last post. Lately I feel as though I do nothing but run around like a chicken with my head cut off -- but busy is good, so I won't complain.... at least not in this platform!

I've been horrible at not keeping up with photos of custom listings which I absolutely hate, so today I'm making sure to post one of my latest custom orders. I get requests for this particular finish A LOT which says a lot about everyone's stress levels if you ask me :)

My favorite part of this design is the small olive which I've been making myself. Originally the olive came with the design, but when I started receiving more orders for this particular finish and I looked into buying just the olive embellishment, the cost, in my opinion, was far too high and would result in me charging more for the piece. In my mind it just wasn't worth it, so I went to Michaels and got some clay, started rolling out some clay olives, and then popped them in the oven and painted them. It was super easy and cost just pennies --- totally worth the time.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Tulips Tealight Candle Holder

I had been holding on to this adorable tealight holder for months trying to find a place in my house for it --- unfortunately, being the candle nut that I am, I have far too many candle accessories already so I made the decision a few weeks ago that it's just going to have to go.

The wrought-iron holder has six little ceramic tulip tealight cups that are removable so I was able to stitch a coordinating design front for it and attach it without any problems. I tried my best to match the colors as closely as possible and even got out my trusty DMC floss binder to choose my colors.

It was nice to stitch something spring-themed considering it's 8 degrees in Connecticut right now... Can someone send us some of their warm weather please???? :)

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